About Us

Amphora is an independent, peer-reviewed open-access journal that welcomes contributions from researchers working in a diverse range of fields, including Classical Studies, Ancient History, Reception Studies, Digital Humanities, Egyptology, and Archaeology. The journal is run by a voluntary editorial collective with members from across Australia and New Zealand.

All articles submitted to Amphora undergo a rigorous peer-review process that accords with the standard prescribed by the Department of Industry.

Volume 2 (2021)

This 2021 edition of Amphora features two peer-reviewed long-form articles and an exhibition review. The first article, by A D Macdonald, examines the question of Alexandria’s conceptual location as being considered ‘in’ or ‘out’ of Egypt and suggests that this discussion has broader implications for the study of Egyptian Judaism. The second article, by Lauren Murphy, examines the visual and literary evidence for the introduction of the cult of Serapis and analyses the cult’s influence on the diverse inhabitants of Alexandria. The exhibition review, by Katherine Prouting, provides a short tour of the Pergamon Panorama and analyses its representation of the ancient world to the modern audience.

Volume 1 (2018)

In both the ancient and the modern world there have always been topics that are considered ‘unspeakable’ due to their illicit, embarrassing, or divergent nature from the cultural norm which we loosely call ‘taboo’. These can range from familial, social, religious, political, or economic taboos placed on those in the ancient world. In this volume of Amphora, our contributors explore subjects considered taboo for the people of the ancient world, and the modern people who study them.

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