Cultural (Re)constructions Launch

MHJ Special Issue 2: Cultural (Re)constructions
Melbourne Historical Journal 2011 Special Issue 2: Cultural (Re)constructions

Cultural (Re)constructions: proceedings from the 2009-2010 AMPHORA conference meetings is about to be launched by David Konstan prior to the ASCS opening reception, Sunday 5 February at the Hellenic Museum, Melbourne. This special issue of the Melbourne Historical Journal features articles from five Australian Postgraduates that engage with reconstructions of the ancient and classical past, including:

      • David Rafferty (UM) ‘Princeps Senatus
      • Sarah Gador-Whyte (UM) ‘Self-construction: “Auto-Ethopoeia” in Romanos’ Kontakia’
      • Jay McAnally (UWA) ‘Constructing and Deconstructing Carian Identity: Xanthus of Lydia, Felix Jacoby and Herodotus’
                    • Sarah Midford (UM) ‘Constructing the “Australian Iliad” : Ancient Heroes and Anzac Diggers in the Dardanelles’
                    • Stevie Schafer (UM) ‘The Reading Endeavour: (Re)constructing Senecan Thought’

Edited by Sarah Davidson, James O’Maley, Sarah Midford and Sonya Wurster. Published with the generous support of the Classical Association of Victoria.


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