Supporting Postgraduate Scholarship in Reception Studies

In the wake of the impending deadline for submissions and the anticipation of potential contributions to our next publication, here is one thread that will be part of the first whole edition of The Amphora Issue:

In conjunction with the University of Melbourne Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Committee and the Straddling the Divide// Reception Studies Today conference, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to publish an article from the winner of the Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Prize 2011 in the inaugural edition of The Amphora Issue. The Prize was developed in support of the Straddling the Divide//Reception Studies Today conference held in early December 2011 at the University of Melbourne. The conference brought together postgraduate scholars from Australia and New Zealand who have an interested in the Classical Tradition, to ask what is unique about the Australasian vision of Classical Reception. This unique conference was so successful that the discussion continues under the blog ‘Classical Reception Scholars’.

Judged by three distinguished academics who attended the conference, the Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Prize was awarded to the paper which best engaged with how the Classical world has shaped the history of ideas in the modern world. The winner is Miriam Riverlea from Monash University for her paper ‘Icarus Flies to Australia: Nadia Wheatley’s Melting Point’.

Many thanks must be given to the University of Melbourne’s Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Committee for supporting reception studies through both the 2011 conference for Classical Reception Scholars and also the forthcoming publication of The Amphora Issue. And we would like to encourage all those interested in the reception of the Ancient world to continue the discussion which began some time before the Straddling the Divide//Reception Studies Today conference. See Kalina Slaska-Sapala’s most recent blog ‘Grafton’s Casaubon and the Renaissance of Classical Scholarship’.