Inside MHJ 40.1: Going Public

For those interested in first issue of MHJ for 2012 that delves into ‘public history’, this issue explores the interactions between history and the popular imagination through museums, official commissions and inquiries, historical documentaries, or heritage corporations.

Contributors include:

Moya McFadzean (Senior Curator at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum) ‘Exhibiting Controversy at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum’

Grant Phillipson (Waitangi Tribunal) ‘2001, A Waitangi Tribunal Odyssey: the Tribunal’s response to the ‘presentism’ critique’

Azhari Aiyub (Director of Tikar Pandan) ‘History in the Aftermath of Dictatorship: an interview with Azhari Aiyub’

Shane Carmody (Director of Collections, State Library of Victoria) ‘On Finding Oneself in a Library, Greg Dening Lecture, 24 November 2011’

Anthony Ostor (Wesleyan University, Connecticut) ‘Reflections from a Former Editor’

Scott Ray (University of Auckland) ‘History on the Margins’

Kartia Snoek (University of Melbourne) ‘Empire, Race, Naturalisation: the Naturalisation Act 1903 (Cth)’

Andre D.E. Brett (University of Melbourne) ‘The Great Kiwi (Dis)Connect: the New Provinces Act of 1858 and its consequences’

Jon Piccini (University of Queensland) ‘Bacchanalian Carnival or Political Event? Remembering the Sixties in Australia’

Christin Quirk (Australian Catholic University) ‘Never-married Women versus the Records: archives, testimony and the history of adoption practices’

This issue can be purchased through the University of Melbourne here:

MHJ 40.2 The Amphora Issue will be launch early 2013.