La Trobe in the City Ancient Mediterranean Lecture Series 2013

The La Trobe in the City Ancient Mediterranean Lecture Series program for 2013 is about to commence.

Lectures and seminars will be delivered throughout 2013 on topics ranging from Mesopotamian Empires, ancient Greek and Roman culture and literature, to modern Mediterranean culture and history. This year Ancient Mediterranean Studies at La Trobe University is also very happy to include seminars with internationally acclaimed author David Malouf, and University of Adelaide’s expert in Roman literature, A/Prof Peter Davis, as well as two Sicilian cookery workshops.

Some classes have been specially designed around the Victorian secondary school curriculum and would be helpful to both high school students and teachers. Coming up very soon and of particular interest to Classics VCE teachers is the seminar to be delivered by Chris Mackie and Rhiannon Evans comparing Iliad 23 and Aeneid 5. The class will take place on Saturday, 9th March and registrations need to be in before the 1st March.

Registrations for all lectures, seminars and workshops are now open online at:

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