The best review…

The best reviews teach the reader something about the field in addition to announcing and describing the book. A good review places the targeted book in the context of its field, shows its importance, place, historical or social function, what it offers and does not offer, and any connection to trends in the field. It may identify the academic or philosophical lineage of the author, the identity of the school of thought represented by the book, the place of the book’s ideology in the philosophical continuum of the field, or some other quality of the book placed against the texture of the field. When presented in this fashion, the reader learns not only about the book under review, but also about the field.

Robin W. Erwin, Jr, ‘Reviewing Books for Scholarly Journals’, in Writing and Publishing for Academic Authors, eds. Joseph Michael Moxley, Todd V. Taylor, Todd Taylor (USA: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1997), 85.


Book Reviews for the 2013 Amphora Issue are due 31 August. Potential books for review must have a publication date within the last two years. See Book Reviews for more details.