2016 Issue Now Available

The fifth edition of the Amphora Issue is now available! This edition marks a significant time in Amphora’s history, as it comes at a period of growth and change. Firstly, this edition marks the final issue under the imprimatur of the Melbourne Historical Journal (MHJ). MHJ have been fantastic in helping the Amphora Issue to grow from its beginnings in 2012, and the Editors would like to thank the MHJ Editorial Team, both past and present, for the work they have done and the accommodations they have made over these past years.

Secondly, the 2016 issue also marks a break from tradition as the issue is not centred around a particular theme. Instead, this issue is a showcase of young scholarship on the Ancient World in Australasia.

Lastly, it is with the launch of this new issue that the Amphora Issue is proud to announce that it is now an open access journal. Access to each article in this new edition can be found by navigating to the Publications tab and selecting ‘The Amphora Issue 44.2‘.

Hard copies of the journal are also available upon request. Please see the Subscriptions page for more information.

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