What is ‘Taboo’?

With the deadline for the submission of your papers for the 2018 issue of Amphora fast approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to send out a small blast regarding our ‘Taboo’ theme. If any of you are struggling to come up with ideas, or have hit a case of writers block – we hope this helps!

In both the ancient and the modern world there have always been topics that are considered ‘unspeakable’ due to their illicit, embarrassing, or divergent nature from the cultural norm which we loosely call ‘taboo’. These can range from familial, social, religious, political, or economic taboos placed on those in the ancient world. In this issue of Amphora, we invite papers which explore subjects that might have been considered taboo for the people of the ancient world. We also encourage submissions that discuss topics which have or still are considered taboo topics in modern academia. These can include aspects in the ancient world which were deemed too taboo to explore, as well as the taboo aspects of modern academia itself which we often shy away from.

We, therefore, encourage papers to examine taboo in all its possible senses. There will be no restrictions on how taboo can be applied to your research. Some examples might be:

  • Polluted Personae: Writing on the Taboo.
  • Same-Sex Relationships in the Classical World: Taboo or Ahead of Their Time?
  • Robe or Disrobe: Nudity and Gender in the Ancient World
  • Let Sleeping Bodies Lie: Do We Have a Right to Excavate Ancient Graves?
  • Sacred Cows: Traditional v. Digital Methodologies.
  • The Gender Imbalance in Modern Academia: A Look at Classics and Archaeology