What is ‘Taboo’?

With the deadline for the submission of your papers for the 2018 issue of Amphora fast approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to send out a small blast regarding our 'Taboo' theme. If any of you are struggling to come up with ideas, or have hit a case of writers block - we hope …

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Technology: The 2015 Issue Theme

Technology has accompanied humans throughout our evolution, development and history. Human engagement with technology, in all its aspects, is somewhat symbiotic: although many animals create and use tools in their daily lives, only humans have integrated technology so completely, in a cyclical relationship. Indeed, the entire archaeological paradigm of the ancient world is shaped by …

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Possession: The 2014 Issue Theme

 Possession The past is a contested space where memories, meanings and habitation are negotiated, constructed and claimed. Through researching, interpreting, and recording the past, privilege is created and maintained, conferring a sense of possession. Who can claim to be the rightful owner of an ancient past? Ancient world researchers constantly construct the past from physical remains, …

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