2016 Issue Now Available

The fifth edition of the Amphora Issue is now available! This edition marks a significant time in Amphora's history, as it comes at a period of growth and change. Firstly, this edition marks the final issue under the imprimatur of the Melbourne Historical Journal (MHJ). MHJ have been fantastic in helping the Amphora Issue to grow …

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Technology: The 2015 Issue Theme

Technology has accompanied humans throughout our evolution, development and history. Human engagement with technology, in all its aspects, is somewhat symbiotic: although many animals create and use tools in their daily lives, only humans have integrated technology so completely, in a cyclical relationship. Indeed, the entire archaeological paradigm of the ancient world is shaped by …

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Possession: The 2014 Issue Theme

 Possession The past is a contested space where memories, meanings and habitation are negotiated, constructed and claimed. Through researching, interpreting, and recording the past, privilege is created and maintained, conferring a sense of possession. Who can claim to be the rightful owner of an ancient past? Ancient world researchers constantly construct the past from physical remains, …

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