Amphora Volume 1

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Vol. 1 2018


This first edition of Amphora: An Ancient World Journal signals a new beginning for the journal. As our first publication as an independent collective, this volume aims to highlight the work of Australiasian scholars involved in the study of the ancient world. 

In both the ancient and the modern world there have always been topics that are considered ‘unspeakable’ due to their illicit, embarrassing, or divergent nature from the cultural norm which we loosely call ‘taboo’. These can range from familial, social, religious, political, or economic taboos placed on those in the ancient world. In this volume of Amphora, our contributors explore subjects considered taboo for the people of the ancient world, and the modern people who study them.

Amphora is proud to be an open-access journal. Linked PDF files for the entire volume and each individual article are available below. Hard copies are also available upon request. Please see our Subscriptions page for more information. 

Amphora Volume 1 (2018)


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